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I am the product

What you do online is an extension of yourself…

In Announcement, May 17, 2021

The Snowden Problem

There are serious problems with the current Web 2.0 paradigm..

In Announcement, May 11, 2021

Free KOII, coming right up! A KOII faucet tutorial

Free KOII, coming right up! A KOII faucet tutorial

In Announcement, May 02, 2021

The Koii Ecosystem is a decentralized web application (DApp) powered by Koii , a protocol for information retrieval and publishing on the new web. exhibits technologies made possibl...

In Announcement, Vision, Apr 06, 2021

Koii: A Principled Project

Koii, although in its infancy, has changed shape many times. Iteration is necessary as we push for strategic capital and align with our ecosystem partners. Other changes manifested wh...

In Announcement, Mar 11, 2021

Yield Farming for NFTs

New Revenue Streams

In Announcement, Mar 01, 2021

NFTs - SO HOT, right now?

For the original registration of “EthBoy” (shown above), one can visit the gallery. This Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owned artwork was created by Trevor Jones and the pseudonym...

In Announcement, Feb 22, 2021

Koii is a protocol

Starting next month, 1000.0000000000 KOII will be generated each day, and given to whoever’s content received the most attention in the past 24 hours.

In Announcement, Jan 16, 2021

Net-Working for Netizans

For the first time in history, it might be profitable to spend time arguing with people on the internet. KOII tokens will be available soon, and you can earn them by participating in ...

In Announcement, Dec 04, 2020