Almost Infinite.

May 21, 2021 · 4 mins read
Almost Infinite.
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What is the purpose of permanence?

Whatever your belief system, there’s no doubt that the world is much, much bigger than any one of us.

The concept of infinity often frightens high school students. Communicated through complex metaphors and quotes from holymen or physicists, the unknown and never-ending nature of reality is stupefying in the most profound fashion.

Disclaimer This article and subsequent posts will make mention of the concepts of ‘forever’, ‘infinity’, and ‘permanence’, but these ideas are so far beyond the normal cultures of human life that they do not exist as clearly defined terms, and so we will use them loosely.


To understand the value of decentralized media, it helps to explore the periods when permanence was shattered. From the elimination of the Library of Alexandria to the purges and book burnings of populist leaders throughout the ages, the destruction of knowledge has always been a clear force in history.

Written words are pretty new technology, but there have been so many major book burnings that there’s a whole Wikipedia page - check it out

In each case, seemingly permanent structures (empires, enormous buildings, and intergenerational organizations) were toppled entirely, and the knowledge they safeguarded was lost. Likewise, centralized powers have also acted as gatekeepers and oppressors, preventing communities from sharing their knowledge, or in some cases, actively destroying that knowledge.


Throughout history, some of the dominant incentives underlying knowledge-creation were the will to control and subjugate a population. Only more recently have we developed open public commons for communication and information via the internet. We are now in the midst of a rapid shift of incentives from authoritarian profiteering towards direct peer-to-peer enrichment.

Oddly enough, this zeitgeist is demonstrated remarkably through sources such as Wikipedia or, in a more extreme case, Wikileaks. Despite clear value creation, such sources still have difficulty receiving funding or even legal permission to operate.

This problem of incentivizing the creative commons is a modern form of the gatekeeping authoritarianism described earlier.

In web 2.0, it’s hard to make good web apps/content because of high startup costs, high subscription fees, and the corresponding need to monetize. The need to monetize also drives creators to schemes like ads or paywalls, that push users away and make everyone’s experience worse. Koii flattens the barrier to entry with our framework and investment in good templates. We have no subscription or gas fees, and lastly, builders are directly compensated for good content.

Opensea blog tutorial

The Internet, Identity, & Ideas

The one kind of capital which always flows within creative commons is the respect for ideas and the identities associated with their inception.

Ideally, ideas that help a lot of people bolster that reputation. The Koii network offers people a measurable reward for good ideas, irrevocably tied to their identity, not assigned to a corporate actor in a 50 page terms-of-service.

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement”

On the Koii network, Koii nodes are run by individuals who can choose which tasks to help run, or which developer “bounties” they want to fulfill. This creates a powerful incentive for developers to keep the community and their associated wants and needs in mind. On Koii, it is not expensive to launch or deploy an app. In fact, if your idea is great, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Generate something harmful for the community, and you will find it more difficult to leverage the shared resource of the Koii Network.

The Shared Resource

One of the primary goals of the Koii network is to create a public, shared resource by bringing together thousands of personal devices (you can add the Koii Chrome extension here), each with a tiny amount of computational resources, to create a single communal resource, the Koii Network. The Network can be used to power web projects with minimal barrier to entry, and with the ideas that benefit the community most rising to the top.

This is why now is a critical moment. Participating, making YOUR interests heard within the community from day one is crucial to shaping the incentives of the system. This is why we are committed to working with creators first, amplifying the voices that have struggled to be heard, and showcasing the immense value that has been muffled in an old system that rewards exploitation more than talent.

Our goal: A communal area of fair play, preserved forever as an informational public commons, to set the example for a future of freedom and prosperity. Check out to upload your NFTs to the permaweb and start earning attention rewards now.

Want to get involved? Reach out to us personally on our Discord, ask for a job at, or slide into our DMs on Twitter or Telegram

Better media makes a better world; decentralization lets you own it.

Join the revolution and pre-register to run a node here.

To start earning attention rewards on your NFTs, register them at or check out our tutorial to learn how.

Continue the conversation and join Koii’s official community Telegram channel, Koii’s Discord, and follow us on Twitter.

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