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Why you need a Koii DID (Decentralized Identity)

Why you need a Koii DID (Decentralized Identity)

In Announcement, Jan 11, 2022

Koii DIDs: Full User Autonomy in an Open Web3

Introducing Koii’s Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) for Web3

In Announcement, Nov 05, 2021

Koii x DKleine AMA Recap (Oct 26)

We recently held an AMA session with Al Morris, the founder of Koii, and DKleine, the creator of Atomic Zombies – the first large-scale generative NFT project to explore the unique at...

In Announcement, Oct 26, 2021

Atomic Zombies Bring NFTs Back to Life with Attention Rewards and Generative Characteristics

DKleine’s Atomic Zombies NFTs rise from the dead as they feed on their online encounters

In Announcement, Oct 25, 2021

Earn Rewards from your Ethereum NFTs with Koii

Earn Rewards from your Ethereum NFTs with Koii

In Announcement, Oct 23, 2021

Simplified Finnie Installation Guide

Finnie Installation Guide

In Announcement, Oct 22, 2021

#Koiicares Contest Recap

On Aug 20, 2021 the #Koiicares contest began.

In Announcement, Sep 17, 2021

Koii’s Vision of the Future is Blooming – in the Form of a Self-Contained, Evolving Atomic NFT

Yesterday we had the opportunity to showcase Koii’s creator-friendly features at Sanctor’s Demo Day – a virtual event geared towards rising stars within the crypto space.

In Announcement, Sep 15, 2021