$1M Grants, Mentorship, & More With Koii Founder Support

We are helping founders build their Web3 projects!

Feb 10, 2023 · 5 mins read
$1M Grants, Mentorship, & More With Koii Founder Support
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If you believe in the core principle of empowering people through community-powered apps, we’ll provide technical and financial support to bring your product to life. You will learn from tech experts, access our partnership network, and get media support. Equitable access to the internet is possible, and our purpose is to make that a reality with the Koii Founder Support program.

The internet once belonged to the people that used it. While originally intended to be community-run, it has now become a monopoly of corporate entities (*cough cough* Google, Meta, Amazon 🤧). We use the web to connect with each other, but Big Tech keeps all the value generated from our content and our data. A community-based internet wins because we’re taking back what’s really ours: connection.

One of our biggest values at Koii is community: an internet owned and governed by the people who use it. So, we’re re-imagining and rebuilding the web together.

Taking advantage of our connections means the internet will pay you for hosting content on your personal devices, for being community moderators, and for drawing engagement to your own content. Koii is building this pirate ship so that we can be free from Big Tech’s grasp.

Recreating the internet is tough. If you have a passion project then you know how much time it can take to get it just right, but there’s a better way. With our custom suite of tools, you’ll streamline your project development. Plus, with advice from our team and the really smart, creative people we know, you can avoid making costly mistakes and get to the solution even faster.

Let’s take down that monopoly and build a better future for ourselves.

What You’ll Get

To promote Web3 innovation, we are giving away $1 million in grants to fund your dream. We’ll set milestones together and you’ll receive the grant funds as you achieve each one on the way to building your fully fledged product.

Here are five benefits you’d receive from the Koii Team and our mentors:

  1. Expert technical advice
  2. Guidance from investors & fellow founders
  3. Partnership opportunities & network growth
  4. Pitch coaching & fundraising guidance
  5. Media support & promotional help

Building community-governed systems usually requires a deep understanding of game theory, incentive models, and cryptographic proofs, but we’ve spent the last two years building a framework to make it possible for anyone to jump in and design a system for themselves.

Using Koii’s suite of tools also makes it easy to build out your application. You’ll get guidance on integrating wallets, implementing attention tracking, and access to intuitive UI templates to build your product.

There are 1,500 projects ready to build on Koii. Joining Koii Founder Support grants access to a community of fellow founders, potential partners, and investors.

Just like how a pirate ship recruits other mission-driven marauders, we are doing the same for Web3. Our tight-knit community is here to support and build with you. Our only stipulation is that you are devoted to your project and using Koii tools to further both our missions.

Who We’re Looking For

Our Mission: Creating an internet owned and governed by the people.

We’re asking you to share our vision of what the internet could be. If you have a vision of a better internet, a dedicated core team, and a sense of your community, we want you!

We’re looking for founders building a tool, service, or product designed to give back to the community. These can include community-owned or governed apps, NFTs, tokens, websites, and infrastructure. We avoid vanity products that employ Web3 buzzwords but aren’t truly community-owned.

Need an example? Take a team working on a decentralized marketplace for reselling in-game NFTs. That’s something we would love to get involved in. On the other hand, if they’re just building an NFT to be sold on a centralized platform, we wouldn’t be as motivated to support that.

Ultimately, you are a founder that views technology as a means to serve people. You are driven by a mission aligned with the Koii philosophy, consider your community’s problems before your own, and will not let any roadblock stop you from seeing your project come to fruition. Together, we are unlocking the potential of Web3.

The Koii Advantage

We’ve solved decentralization problems for other projects and can do the same for you.

Both idexo and Peeranha needed nodes for their projects. Both had working products but did not have the technical tools to ensure they would be community-governed. They needed a decentralized solution.

Koii was able to provide them with technical guidance to implement their node infrastructure. Peeranha also uses Attention Mining to bring revenue to their protocol and their community for every view of content on their app.

Pitch Competition

As you advance through our program, you can take part in a pitch competition. You’ll get unique feedback from a panel of industry experts as you pitch your project to them. The best projects will get matched with interested mentors to help move your project forward.

Pitch competitions throughout the program will give you a chance to explain your business plan and demo your products in a high-pressure environment. This is a great way to battle test your concept, but we’ll also share the videos of your pitch and Q&A to our community to help you expand your reach. From expert evaluations to partner network introductions, the pitch competition is designed to help early stage founders like you build fast and get moving.

If you are ready to take your project to the next level, we’d love to meet you. Join us in the fight against Big Tech and we’ll help you bring your passion project to life. Fill out the form here and we’ll reach out so you can set sail with us!

Welcome Aboard.

Start your first node at here🌟

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