KOII Token Launch, IBM + Filecoin Partnerships, & Massive Ecosystem Growth

1200+ Projects, 100+ Universities, 100+ Investors

Dec 30, 2022 · 8 mins read
KOII Token Launch, IBM + Filecoin Partnerships, & Massive Ecosystem Growth
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Welcome to the Koii Network 2022 Year End Update! We are so glad that you’ve joined us on our journey this year, or that you’ve stuck with us for another year of building the future that we all dream about. The Koiimunity is strong and growing, and we couldn’t do it all without your support.


Koii is the only network with web-scale composability

Koii began our journey towards building a better internet in 2021, and we’ve spent the last year upgrading and expanding the capacity of the network to meet web-scale demand. Our vision for a better web is now nearly complete, and will launch in January 2023. The re-architecture to include IPFS and Filecoin has unlocked new possibilities, along with the introduction of our very own transaction layer, K2, which will give the KOII token and dApps unprecedented scalability. Along with these updates, we’re excited to announce that the compute-sharing marketplace and task nodes are now finally ready for launch, and will see expanded capabilities thanks to the changes we made this year.

K2 is Live

For starters, we launched K2, our very own settlement layer. K2 achieves near-instant settlement times and allows for massive transaction throughput when combined with tasks and task nodes. We were able to accomplish this by using a highly decentralized derivative of Solana’s Proof-of-History protocol.

K2 is designed for tasks to handle compute off-chain, which means it has minimal dependence on smart contracts. Koii’s compute marketplace allows for a blend of consensus time and scalability, ensuring composable solutions for data management without crowding the core blockchain. Running a K2 validator gets you a share of transaction fees, as well as a chance to mine new blocks when they are minted. Off-chain compute makes transactions and consensus lightning fast.

Sign up today to become a K2 Validator.


Compute-Sharing Marketplace

Koii Tasks allow any developer to pay the network to run a compute job. Tasks are now ready to use—and we have newly updated documentation to go with it! Included in our revamped docs portal are complete task design samples, how to include attention tracking, on your website or content, and an introduction to CARP, our proprietary Compute and Reputation Protocol.

New and Improved Storage

While Koii originated within the Arweave ecosystem, we’ve now re-architected the network to use IPFS and Filecoin storage by default. This allows us (and our developers) much more flexibility when it comes to storage options and supports needs including temporary storage and pinning via Koii nodes. Not only does this significantly reduce costs, but now developers building on Koii can also take advantage of temporary file storage and deduplication for shared assets using the Content-Addressing framework.

Do you know a project who could use easy storage or pinning with using out-of-the-box templates? Send them our way - the grants program is open, and we’re here to help!

Ecosystem Growth

As you might already have heard from our Twitter announcements, we are building out our ecosystem in full force. Among the 1,200+ projects that want to become part of our ecosystem, here are 5 that we are incredibly excited about. We are motivated by what they’re building and the future we are all crafting together.

EOY 20Projects

Idexo will use Koii tasks and nodes to provide cross-chain bridging with low fees and trustless validators.

Peeranha is an online platform where users get rewarded with tokens by asking questions and providing answers, and is rapidly making use of the Koii Tooling, like attention tracking and reputation. Click here to hear more about the partnership from founder Sergey Ilinn.

Web3.Storage (w3s for short)
Web3.Storage will be implemented as the default storage option on Koii’s Task Nodes, and provides fast caching and CDN support for IPFS data.

Bacalhau aims to help the scientific community by processing big data on the Filecoin nodes quickly and efficiently, and complements Koii’s Task Nodes with increased performance for high-throughput tasks.

Filecoin is a decentralized data storage marketplace, protocol, and cryptocurrency. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Filecoin ecosystem (you may have noticed that several of the above projects are also part of the Filecoin ecosystem). Many of the goals they are working on have big impacts on the future of the internet, and we will be announcing some research initiatives we will be working on with them in the coming year.

Thanks for sticking with us through some of the partnerships we wanted to highlight.

Who should we talk to in your network? Do you know projects we can help grow and thrive?
Give them a quick shout out here!


Founder Support Program

One of the ways we are helping support and bolster new founders is through the Koii Pitch Competition. From expert feedback for your pitch to getting introduced to our partner network, the Pitch Competition is designed to help early stage founders build fast and get moving. Here are other ways that we help teams explore the possibilities of decentralization:

  • Expert Technical Advice
  • Mentorship from Investors & Fellow Founders
  • Partnership Opportunities & Network Growth
  • Pitch Coaching & Fundraising Guidance
  • Media Support & Promotional Help

The first cohort will be launching in January! Nominate your favorite web3 project for our next cohort

make it rain

KOII Tokens & Koii Nodes

2023 is going to be a big year, and we are stoked. Along with the finished re-architecture and public launch of the compute-sharing marketplace of tasks and nodes, the Koii node will be launching in Q1. With over 45,000 nodes on the waitlist, we can’t support everyone at once, so we will be rolling out the beta 100 nodes at a time to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Keep reading for a chance to jump the line 👇

We are planning to publicly launch the KOII token in Q3. We will keep you updated as we get closer so you don’t miss out.


As so many projects in Web3 have learned, great technology is only half the problem. That’s why in 2023, Koii will be dedicating most of our efforts towards education and community growth. Over the past year, the Koii team has been active on 5 continents, and has presented our plan in over 10 languages. We’ve found incredible support from not only investors and developers, but educators, students, and artists as well.

We have been hard at work on a pipeline for onboarding university engineering programs and code schools to help more JavaScript developers get access to our tools. Do you think your university or code school might be interested? Introduce us!

EOY ecosystem

This has been a big newsletter, but we had a big year. We’re grateful for your continued support, and as our way to say thank you, we have a couple of special offers for you today.

We have over 45k nodes signed up, and you still have a chance to join the list! 30 seconds could get you onboarded to build your Koii Reputation first.

Fill out the form here.

Jump the line for the node beta — If you’ve already filled in the form above, you might also be eligible for a free trial of a hosted node, while getting priority over others. These hosted nodes are run in a high-capacity data center, thanks to our partners at IBM. The large scale servers also stay on when your personal devices need to go offline, and give you a chance to earn even more KOII once the compute-sharing marketplace is live in Q1.

RSVP for Hosted Nodes Here

You can also get some free tokens from the new KOII Faucet by verifying your Twitter or Discord handle to prove you are human. Just make sure you have a new Koii account in Finnie.

Try the Faucet

It’s been a big year and the coming year will be even bigger so stick around and see the waves we make!
Start your first node at here🌟

The Koii Team

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