The Koii Grant Program Set for Launch

Feb 16, 2022 · 4 mins read
The Koii Grant Program Set for Launch
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While the use of decentralized applications has grown in the years since Bitcoin resolved concerns of byzantine fault tolerance, mainstream adoption has proven elusive. At Koii, we surmise that this is due partially to longer iteration times and complex architectures of decentralized systems, which can make applications harder to build and make it harder to find product-market fit.

But with the Koii toolkit, traditional web developers find themselves equipped with permissionless tools that can be tested locally and are written in popular languages such as JavaScript.

Listed below are some popular Koii tools that web developers can take advantage of to enjoy the solutions that Koii Network offers.

  • Koii-X: A quick start React Toolkit with wallet hooks, NFT support, and easy templates

  • Finnie Wallet: A cross-chain compatible with added NFT features

  • Koii Tasks: With Tasks, developers can run trustless microservices in the Koii cloud (currently in beta)

It is important to note that any content published via Koii can also earn KOII tokens by tracking Proofs of Real Traffics, which documents the full scope of web activity within the Koii content ecosystem. These tokens can in turn be used to pay for Koii Tasks and other ecosystem services to support your initiative.

Following the launch of the Koii-X development toolkit last week, we are providing a range of grants intended to expand and support our open source library. These grants fall into three main categories: communication tools, financial applications, and innovative onboarding methods.

Communications Tools

Products that will qualify for a grant under communication tools would have to be solving problems like:


Participants can build secure messaging applications which use Koii nodes as relays.

Content Delivery

Participants would need to build a new CDN using Koii Tasks or integrate an existing decentralized CDN and provide tutorials for using it with Koii-X.

Decentralized Media (i.e. Atomic NFTs)

An ideal participant should be building an application that uses Atomic NFTs as its content.

Build a Content DAO

Participants can also build a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aggregates contents and keywords using Koii Tasks.

Financial Applications

This is another category where participants can win grants in. Products that may qualify for a grant in this category include:

Bridging and Wrapped Tokens

While Koii currently provides some basic bridging functionality to support the sale and utility of Atomic NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, we want to support additional bridges, especially where Koii Tasks are used to support validator activities.

Participants can contact us for access to the existing bridge codebase and for more information about how Koii Tasks can be utilized in this area.

Innovative Onboarding Methods

In this category, products would have to be in one of the following niches:

Viral Growth Social Networks

Participants’ products should leverage the power of Atomic NFTs to achieve viral growth solutions for social networking sites.

Attention-based Tokens

The core attention data of the Koii network is public, so it is possible to establish new tokens that are minted and distributed based on attention while using a different mechanism. One example would be to create a tool(s) that pays tokens to people who are engaging with or viewing content, rather than only those who create it.

Thought Leadership in Decentralized Media

Because decentralized systems have powerful potential to change industries like journalism and the mass media, we’d like for participants to tell us the future they want to see for these industries, and we can help figure out how to get there.

The grant will be distributed to winners in milestones. Winners are required to submit a detailed proposal with their project, including a timeline and the total funding amount required. It is also important to mention that the technologies which qualify for grant support from Koii must be open-sourced within two months of the date of grant completion.

In total, there is $1 million available in grants and each grant winner will receive a Koii Champion as well as an auditor. You can join our Discord or Telegram channels where you can meet other community members who can pitch your idea, form a team, and get the process started.

If you’ve got an idea that fits into any of the categories listed above, don’t wait! Submit your application now and build something spectacular.

Apply for a grant now!

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