The Future of Accountable Information

Oct 28, 2020 · 3 mins read
The Future of Accountable Information
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In the words of the great Lao Tzu, “Today’s chaos is yesterday’s laziness, back for it’s rent.”

We’ve had a lot of lazy book-keeping for most of history. It’s no suprise that our records are fragmented, and culture dominates the discussion. If we are to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors once again, maybe this time we should record the outcome and causes?

Digital Media is just a Tool

For the past century since the onset of World War I, our collective consciousness has shifted dramatically towards equality and equal opportunity as a cultural, rather than economic spirit. Along with this, we’ve begun to communicate more openly, and modern media has elevated this discussion to the world stage. We’re all trying to help eachother learn to help other people, more or less.

The internet has always been a forum for free speech and a haven from persecution, and we want to keep it that way.

Blockchain is our Engine for Change

Since Bitcoin’s debut in 2008, we’ve seen an explosion of research spending on topics like consensus algorithms, peer-to-peer finance, and other decentralized systems. Even with this technology in it’s infancy, we’ve already seen invigorated and widespread cultural adoption. From the moment someone encounters the concept of decentralized finance, they begin a years-long journey as they transition to a new framework of social and economic interfaces.

Peer-to-peer technology presents an opportunity to build truth between people, instead of simple manufacturing it for their consumption. As Koii evolves, we hope to provide a boost to those who need the help, and to provide a tool for historical synthesis for all.

How We’re Helping

The GoldFish archive has been designed to provide a common record; abstract, and accurate, of the goings-on of humanity as documented by our online presence. In the same way that jet-trails in the sky signify progress and global connectivity, our mission is to envelop human life in a simple, common system which allows us to ensure that the records have as little bias as possible.

Our Values

We want to create an honest internet by incentivising our community to help us keep track of what matters most.


A system with no owner falls forever into disrepair, but a system with no champions has no will to survive. Our initial network will be governed by a mix of journalists, academics, our own users, and our investors. From this point, we will open participation to anyone who is interested, and we will ensure freedom of publicaton and perspective.


The only way that an archive of human knowledge can exist is if it’s public data. Most of the internet archives in 2020 remain closed doors, disconnected from the average person or our general information systems. We hope to change that, by providing incentives to collaborate and preserve our most treasured resource.


Our society is well-past the days of civil rights marches and personal sacrifice. It is our mission to build a system that is not only accountable, but also ensures the economic well-being of it’s stewards. Each of us has a role to play in the information economy, and it is our mission to ensure that contributions are reliably measured and that compensation is issued not once, but over the entire lifetime of the system, even if it outlasts it’s contributors.

Want to be part of the revolution?

We’re working to ensure everyone can participate, and everyone can be rewarded. Our upcoming mobile app will allow anyone to participate in the data-gathering economy, and even vote to govern it’s evolution over time. The first step? Easy - follow us on social media, join our newsletter, and tell a friend. If everyone does, the revolution will be over before it even begins.

Let’s leave the Kings in the past, where they belong.

Long live the Humans.

The latest version of this post and project has been documented here

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