Help us write history, and become a victor!

Nov 27, 2020 · 2 mins read
Help us write history, and become a victor!
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As we head into the winter, we’re excited to announce that Koii has been accepted into the Outlier Ventures Base Camp program. Outlier has been behind major crypto projects since 2016, and they will be helping us bring our vision of decentralized web services to fruition.

Looking forward to 2021

This has been a hard year for most of us, and even harder for some. In 2021, we’re hoping to make significant strides in our mission to bring accountability to the web, and you might be able to make some money in the process!

Start earning Koii in January

Our upcoming app for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers will allow you to run a node and help us map the web. All you need to do is run the Koii node in the background, and it will automatically work to index the web and send the information it collects to our core server.

Who’s paying?

We want to ensure your Koii tokens hold their value over the long term, so we’ve been working hard to bring together a network of data scientists, large corporations, and other parties that use web scraping in their day to day business. They pay us to run the Koii Network, and in turn, we can pay you!

The Big Picture

This desktop application is the first step in a long process. Over the next few years, we hope to bring Koii to as many devices as possible. If we can reach a large enough network size, we will be able to track truth for our own sake, and we will be able to stop relying on authority to record history.

Make Your Ideas Count

You will soon be able to stake your Koii tokens to ensure that a website is added to our index. Our goal with this feature is to allow our users to decide which information is stored on the permenant record.

You can nominate any website to join the record, and it will be stored on the record proportional to how many tokens are staked.

Help us write history, and you can be the victors!

Installing the Koii Node is easy, but you’ll be making a difference, and you’ll get to own a piece of the system forever.

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