GoldFish scraping service offers grant for Blockchain developers

Jul 21, 2020 · 1 min read
GoldFish scraping service offers grant for Blockchain developers
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In decentralized systems, blockchains like the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Bitcoin now offer users the ability to place wagers, create complex logic, and even adjudicate judgements such as wills. When these ‘Smart Contracts’ execute, they rely on Oracles to access real-world data.

The Goldfish Oracle program

Our new initiative brings together the Public URL project and the FreeWeb archive project to allow users to receive a highly-verified* and filtered data set on a public endpoint.

Perfect for betting, better for accountability

While this is mostly an experiment right now, it’s our hope that through the success of this program, we’ll be able to help build a decentralized, peer-governed data archive with WebFree. As the blockchain projects begin to use Goldfish, we hope we can help them make it a home.

  • We currently review sites numerous times to prevent IP spoofing, but we are now also working towards a tool that allows you to scrape using a network of thousands of peer devices.

The latest version of this post and project has been documented here

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