We're building the honest web

Jul 10, 2020 · 3 mins read
We're building the honest web
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In the decades since it’s inception, the internet has quickly become the core of our entire society. Where once we were cautioned not to trust Wikipedia, we now see even top news stations citing Twitter over objective journalism. In this new age, we hope to bring a common source of truth.

Our belief

Our survival as a species depends not on our abilities as hunters, nor gatherers, except where we hunt innovations, and gather great minds. The internet has become the tool for this great safari of ideas, and we hope that we serve as its custodians.

We are creating a data layer on top of the internet so that we can preserve our species’ greatest treasure, and to ensure it is not altered to suit the rulers of tomorrow.

Our New Web

We see three main problems with the traditional internet, and we think we’ve found the solution:

  1. Incentivised
  2. Transparent
  3. Open

We’ll get into each of these more in future posts, but the key is that our network will incentivise individual participation, share all data on a public forum, and ensure that we have a strong and verifiable chain of evidence backing every record.


By building a data layer on top of the traditional web, and incentivising it’s maintenance and upkeep, we will hope to ensure equitable access to large data sets, not just the big tech firms. We are building standards for data formats, so that anyone can easily build search engines, notification networks, and much more.

How to Help

We at GoldFish are building the tools to make this future a reality, but we need your help to make it possible. We need you to help us decide which websites to index, and which information is important.

Saving Resources

We don’t think of ourselves as environmentalists, but we’re definitely into efficiency. With that in mind, we’re soon going to be offering users the ability to share their scraped data on an open archive.

Note: You can set a delay if you don’t want to the data to go public immediately!

How it works

We’re still working out all the kinks, but the general idea is that for every other user that views data you scraped, we’ll pay you. Rewards may come in the form of account credits, cryptocurrency tokens, or even more cool options. We’ll publish more information soon!

Our Vision

We want to make it easy for everyone to access information and make decisions. As we grow, we are dedicating 10% of all proceeds towards our free Web Archive project. This tool will allow our customers to store versions of a web page for public use, to ensure free and equal access to information.

When you share your scraped data feeds with the public archive, you’ll even able to earn rewards, and get more scraping for free in the future.

We don't want to become big tech

We aren’t in this to become Big Brother- in fact, we’re working on building a decentralized governance model for the Goldfish network, which will ensure fair and equitable access to market data for anyone who needs it.

Furthermore, we believe that through public recording of site data, we can also ensure journalistic integrity, and even help to correct corruption wherever it begins to grow.

The latest version of this post and project has been documented here

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