Atomic Zombies Bring NFTs Back to Life with Attention Rewards and Generative Characteristics

Oct 25, 2021 · 5 mins read
Atomic Zombies Bring NFTs Back to Life with Attention Rewards and Generative Characteristics
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DKleine’s Atomic Zombies NFTs rise from the dead as they feed on their online encounters

NFTs are dead, and it’s time to say hello to undead NFTs — a thrilling new breed of NFTs which is dynamic, efficient, and feeds on attention to pay you back in KOII.

This evening, renowned artist and NFT creator DKleine unleashes Atomic Zombies, a collection of 10,000 zombie NFTs — all of which are unearthed with a generative set of evolving characteristics. The first cross-chain “horde” will be swarming through the NFT world this Halloween season, rewarding their owners for unleashing them on other online denizens.

Atomic Zombies is launched in collaboration with Koii, and is the first large-scale generative project to explore the unique attention-rewards opportunities of the Arweave and Koii protocols. Intrepid collectors have the chance to unlock rare attributes for their Atomic NFT once they are unearthed, and your zombie will spring into action immediately after it is activated on the Areave blockchain, earning KOII tokens for you each time it is viewed online. Of course these Atomic Zombies never truly die even if they are starved for attention, and this collection will live on forever… with new features continuously introduced as these radioactive creations take on a life of their own.

So what are you waiting for? Join the horde.


Drop Details

10,000 Atomic Zombies are available, with the first horde of 1000 available now.

  • Buy in ETH: Of the 5,000 minted on for purchase in ETH, 425 are now available for purchase at a “buy now” price of 0.02 ETH on the Atomic Zombies website. Zombies purchased in ETH from will not have their characteristics revealed until the NFTs are transferred onto the Koii network (see next section).
  • Buy in KOII: Of the 5,000 minted on Arweave, 425 are now available for purchase for 10 KOII. KOII holders can purchase Zombie NFTs directly through the Atomic Zombies website. The remaining 150 Arweave-minted Atomic Zombies are being held captive by the Koii team and will be unleashed for community activations. (Keep an eye out soon!)

Atomic Zombies will be released in hordes of 1,000 NFTs at a time, and only 1,000 of the total 10,000 Atomic Zombie NFTs are currently available. As the market raises their zombies from the dead, more and more hordes will be released. 🧟

Attention Rewards and Atomic Zombies

The NFTs of the future are attention bearing, revenue generating, and dynamically growing, and this Atomic Zombie NFT drop by DKleine is a novel exploration of the opportunity of dynamic NFTs and attention rewards —a combination which is only possible on the Koii network. Atomic Zombies are minted with a number of unique characteristics, and all zombies start at the same neutral state. As a zombie receives more and more attention from online viewers, it evolves and receives new generative properties (see ‘Characteristics’ section below). In other words, unlike static NFTs that are dead on arrival, your Atomic Zombies are alive and constantly working for you.

Each day, the Zombie that has received the most attention is rewarded with the ultimate characteristic: the attention crown. This attention crown changes owners once every 24 hours depending on which Atomic Zombie received the most views that day. After every two weeks, KOII rewards will be distributed to the owner of the Atomic Zombie with the attention crown on the final day of that two-week period.

The attention-dependent generative properties of an Atomic Zombie are only possible on Koii. This means that buyers who obtain an Atomic Zombie on OpenSea are effectively purchasing a “voucher” that can be redeemed for a Zombie NFT once it is transferred to the Koii network. As a result, in order to bring your Atomic Zombie to life you’ll need the Finnie wallet, which serves as your gateway to Koii and Arweave. In addition to letting you unearth your Atomic Zombie in full, Finnie allows you to receive your KOII rewards as your zombie feasts on its viewers, and is an essential component of the Koii universe and creative economy of the future.


Zombie Characteristics

Each Atomic Zombie is unearthed with its own unique combination of generative properties. Each Zombie NFT will be made up of 12 different characteristics (background, gender, jewelry, hair, clothes, facial hair, mouthpiece, impaling, glasses, mask, visor, hats, microphone), and there are over five billion possible permutations of Atomic Zombies.

In the words of DKleine: “My Atomic Zombies are much more than the usual boring old static PFP collectibles. These creatures live on, moving and changing from blockchain to blockchain, infesting Web 3.0 in a completely new way. By paying attention to these abominations, your zombies will reveal hand-made characteristics: A winter cap. Perhaps a shiny necklace. Maybe a jacket. Or an axe to the side of the head.”


Anyone who has been following DKleine’s artistic journey knows that zombies have long been his thing. However, Koii’s Atomic NFTs now give DKleine the opportunity to share his creations in a way that was not possible before.

In short, DKleine has created a broad range of unique attributes for his hordes of Atomic Zombies so that you can enjoy your very own unique undead buddy… forever. Or at least for as long as you live. Maybe even longer. So choose your zombies wisely — and keep an eye on them. After all, their lives depend on it.

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