Koii Town Hall #5 with Dr Wei

Buckle Up: Koii Town Hall #5 Set to Showcase Ecosystem Expansion

Feb 05, 2024 · 1 min read
Koii Town Hall #5 with Dr Wei
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The Koii Town Hall is shaping up to be a place of alpha, learning & fun in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. With many milestones and announcements on the agenda, it’s the best way to keep up & connect with the team and community. Each week the Koii team shares protocol upgrades & feature guests & partners.

The Koii network recently surged past another milestone - topping 8,000 active protocol nodes powering its ecosystem. This swelling node network demonstrating the momentum Koii has achieved since launching only months ago. Further decentralization will provide greater speed, security, and robustness as Koii continues on its mission.

Stay tuned for even faster growth ahead! If you’re feeling lucky, take part in our competition closing Feb 14th: Here.

Featuring in this week’s event is Dr. Wei, Founder of cross-chain indexing protocol Adot. Dr. Wei brings a wealth of wisdom around balancing open access and usability with privacy and ethical data utilization in blockchain & web 3 infrastructure design. He’ll be on hand to share more on Adot’s developer tools seamlessly bridging data across disparate chains as Koii welcomes Adot further into its expanding ecosystem alliance. Come with questions & curiosity!

You can also catch the latest from Koii HQ with roadmap updates on advancements powering the protocol & meet talent on the core team. Plus, an exclusive reveal of a Koii ecosystem partner announcement!

Come ready to quiz our guests’ on their projects, or their ideas of industry shifts on the horizon. Tune in to the Koii Garden Gather Room on Thursday at 2PM UTC for an epic glimpse into a distributed future.

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