Koii Integrates into Lava: A step towards Incentivized Public RPC

We’re excited to announce the integration of Koii Network into Lava's Incentivized Public RPC infrastructure - ipRPC - adding Koii’s native K2 chain specification to enable scalable and incentivized node deployment.

Feb 01, 2024 · 3 mins read
Koii Integrates into Lava: A step towards Incentivized Public RPC
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This collaboration brings Koii into Lava’s Incentivized Public RPC program, unlocking new potential for optimized node infrastructure as outlined in Lava’s Koii documentation at Here.

Koii node operators can explore Lava today and follow steps to get their nodes up and running. The official call for Provider onboarding and more detailed instructions about the programme (e.g. duration, rewards) will be released soon. The endpoint will go live not long after.

As a modular data network, Lava enables seamless chain/API additions to meet ecosystem demand. Incentivized Public RPC is the service whereby Lava Foundation partners with blockchains and rollups to scale and incentivize their public infrastructure. The recently released Koii module will enable node runners to provide performant RPC access to Koi, through Lava.

Lava’s battle-tested system offers performance optimizations - NEAR’s integrations are already achieving high availability and 30 requests/second/IP through Lava’s network. With modules for chains like NEAR, Evmos and others under its Incentivized Public RPC model, Lava’s flexible architecture is creating diverse revenue opportunities for operators.

Aligned Incentives

By participating in Lava’s Incentivized Public RPC model and leveraging the modular specifications framework, node runners can provide performant Koii endpoints while earning KOII tokens as incentives. This creates aligned value for developers needing scale and reliability, operators seeking rewards, and the networks pursuing interoperability.

Even before Lava’s upcoming mainnet launch, Lava and Koii urge operators and developers to try integration on testnet and provide suggestions for continual improvement. Service is already very stable and Lava has seen significant product improvements as it progresses towards full launch.

Koii’s Chief of Operations, Saim Iqbal said: “At Koii, we’re focused on bringing regular people into the world of web 3. Lava is going to help us do this by allowing us to add many more RPC providers and scale our infrastructure.

Interoperability in Action

The integration allows seamlessly building multi-chain dApps leveraging Koii through Lava’s performant & unified RPC backend - like data flowing freely between two worlds!

Much like Lava’s recent collaboration with NEAR, this allows tapping into a wider pool of global infrastructure capacity. Early estimates suggest this could increase Koii’s node capacity and delivery by 15-20% in coming months.

One of Lava’s core contributors, the founder Yair Cleper noted: “We continue to build out a dynamic, efficient and modular infrastructure layer for the multi-chain world. We’re excited to add a new module - Koii - to Lava and help scale its public infrastructure.”

Get Involved

To prepare for Koii Incentivized Public RPC:

  1. Koii x Lava.
  2. Await more detail onboarding instructions in Lava Discord.

Architecting Alignment From the Roots

Together Lava & Koii can responsibly build innovations that empower people by demonstrating aligned roadmaps focused on architecting the multi-chain future together.

Following Lava’s community-first model, diverse feedback is critical during these initial integration stages. Much work remains in realizing the interoperability vision globally. Cultivating aligned communities and demonstrating executable roadmaps early on, Lava and Koii aim to scale sustainably.

We welcome all ecosystem participants to join us by running nodes, building innovations and shaping discussions. Let the sparks fly as we architect the multi-chain future!

Koii x Lava
Koii Docs
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