Koii Leaderboard Goes Live

Win prizes just by being a part of the network

Jul 25, 2023 · 2 mins read
Koii Leaderboard Goes Live
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The Koii Leaderboard

We are very excited to announce the Koii Leaderboard! This is the place where you can see where you rank among all the nodes, each week’s featured tasks, and the prizes you can win by getting lucky…or by being the best.

See the activity across Koii’s ecosystem. All nodes will appear here—see if you can find yourself in the top ten on one of our featured tasks! Each week there will be contests with different prizes. Some will be quick contests with small prizes, and others will be big events with even bigger rewards. There’s something for everyone. Run your node, refer a friend, and let’s have some fun together.

Some of you have been with us since Koii’s first leaderboard, where people competed for attention on their NFTs. If that’s you, we are so grateful that you’ve been with us all along the way. Let’s dig into the mechanics; check it out!

How it works

Here are the guidelines for participating in the leaderboard games and raffles. There are several types, so everyone can find something that works for them. These games will change over time. Some weeks we will feature different requirements or a new prize. Starting July 24, 2023, we are kicking off the excitement with a few different games. Check them out:

The Hourly Raffle

Starting at the top of every hour and running through 59 minutes past, every time your node submits on the featured task, you will earn one “ticket.” These tickets are not physical (or even digital) items. They are cataloged on K2 by your account address. At the end of the hour, all tickets will be tallied and one entry will be randomly selected as the winner. That account will earn 50 KOII.

The Twelve-Hour Rally (or, How many submissions can you make?)

The 12-hour rally isn’t a raffle… it’s a competition! The accounts that get the most tickets—make the most submissions—win. The three people with the most points will be awarded KOII tokens. 1st place wins 100 KOII, 2nd place wins 50 KOII, and 3rd place wins 25 KOII.

The Weekly Draw

Similar to the Hourly Raffle, each person will receive one ticket every time their node submits for a task. If you make 50 submissions, you’ll receive 50 tickets. Every Friday, two winners will be randomly chosen. The prize for this week’s draw is 0.05 ETH, equivalent to approximately $100 USD currently.

Eligibility Requirements for the weekly draw

To be eligible for these prizes, you must:

  • Verify your email address through the Koii Faucet,

  • If you win, you must retweet our tweet announcing your victory.

Start your first node at here🌟

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