Introducing Finnie, the Infinite Fish

Jun 18, 2021 · 5 mins read
Introducing Finnie, the Infinite Fish
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The Finnie Wallet is your new browsing companion

With Finnie, we are unveiling a new website, a new name (Koii with two ‘eyes’— because we’re making the internet transparent), and the most exciting thing: a new browser extension.

Koii was founded on fairness, trust, and one immense objective: to give creators a space where they permanently own and earn the value they deserve from their content.

Regardless of your role in the Koii ecosystem, Finnie will help guide you as you browse the internet. They will help track the attention you give to Koii-registered content anywhere on the internet, and keep all the media you register with Koii in one spot. That means all your NFTs are safe with Finnie in your browser extension and you will always be able to see the content you own.

Because we are introducing Finnie, we thought it would be a good time to share the values and ideals that are driving Koii’s innovation.

We believe that the future of the internet is quality content freely available to anyone, not stuck behind paywalls or unskippable ads, and where already-wealthy companies aren’t profiting from your personal data.

#At Koii, our mission is two-fold:

  1. Create and ensure universal, equitable access to quality information
  2. Reward creators directly for the content they produce

When people have access to resources, they can create, innovate, and change the world. This kind of transformation should be available to more than just those who can afford to pay for it.

This lack of access to resources is amplified in the creator space too. When you take a beautiful photo and it goes viral on social media, the platform makes money off your work, not you— and they own it, too. Artists and other creators are exploited because they love what they do. You should earn the rewards for all your hard work and creativity.

#We strive to embody our values and build products around them.

At Koii, our primary values are:



-Proper Ownership


koii is transparent


The giants who own most of the internet feed you the content that will sell the most ad space, not the content you necessarily want to see. We’d rather embolden the creators who make the most interesting, engaging content. As an organization in the blockchain space, we aim to be open in all aspects. Our products are all open-source (check out our Github) and we have a largely horizontal team structure.

We firmly believe that game-changing ideas can come from anywhere, and anyone can schedule a meeting with our leadership with ideas for improving the company, products, or ecosystem.

koii is accessible


Accessibility is often used as a catch-all for “We care about people!!” While we definitely do care about people (that’s why we’re doing this), we see accessibility in a bigger scope. We are actively and constantly working to make our products more usable for people of all abilities. The transparent peer-to-peer information infrastructure we are building has the potential to reshape how we interact with people all over the world. This is how we plan to deliver equitable access to information everywhere.

Additionally, we started the Koii Foundation to help people with great ideas build innovative new projects on Koii, regardless of access to other funding. Apply for a Koii Grant here.

koii is ownership

Proper Ownership

Establishing true ownership on the internet has been tricky thus far. If you post on traditional social media, those corporations own the rights to the work you post, which can keep you from being fairly compensated or even attributed. With the current NFT (ERC-721) standard, the only item recorded in the contract— that you actually own— is a transaction that you bought something. We don’t know what you bought and it could be an image of a rug.

Ownership is important for a number of reasons. The strongest one for us at Koii is again about artists and creating value. In a world where huge brands steal hobby-artists designs off Instagram, being able to prove ownership so you can be rewarded for the value you create is critical.

With Atomic NFTs (an NFT registered on Koii and permanently stored on Arweave), the media file is held within the contract data. This is the only way to establish true ownership over the content itself, which means creators can thrive in the new ecosystem.

koii is sustainable


One big criticism of popular blockchains is that they are terrible for the environment. Proof of Work requires an enormous amount of energy. At Koii, we developed a new verification method, Proof of Real Traffic, to engage all the benefits of blockchain without such environmental harm. If the future of the internet is digital art, we need that art to be energy-conscious for all our sakes.

A different approach to sustainability relates to the ad economy. Currently, the one we have is unsustainable, getting more annoying and paywalls more frustrating. The Koii Network is creating an ecosystem where creators are compensated fairly as a sustainable solution, removing ads from the equation.

Join us on our journey to get creators get paid for their work, and allow them to keep making more work that people love. Finnie will be there by your side to help to keep Web 3.0 moving in the right direction.

Find Koii on our Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or sign up for our weekly newsletter. If you’re interested in investing, get on the Investor Whitelist.

To start earning attention rewards on your NFTs, register them at or check out our tutorial to learn how.

Better media makes a better world; decentralization lets you own it.

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