#Koiicares Contest Recap

Sep 17, 2021 · 6 mins read
#Koiicares Contest Recap
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On Aug 20, 2021 the #Koiicares contest began.

The goal ? We wanted to inspire our creative community to put the Koii Network to use. From day one we saw submissions that reflected a wide variety of concepts and artistic styles, from handcrafted wares to ultramodern 3D renders. We were ecstatic to see so many new users mention that this was the first time they had ever minted an NFT. The Koii team has worked hard to make minting digital art as an NFT as painless and accessible as possible while keeping the process economical and environmentally friendly. Seeing so many new creators share their works using Koii gave our team a huge boost!

Each day of the contest we saw new and unique submissions that kept us in eager anticipation of what would be posted next. Among the highlights were fascinating interpretations of the Koii logo with subtle nods to decentralization and data permanence. Throughout the contest, we came to appreciate that digital art can be created and interpreted in a wide variety of ways. You showed us that whether something is designed in the digital realm or the physical - with Koii you can share it all.

Although the contest has come to a close, the best thing about sharing your works on Koii is that you can enjoy it forever, maintain ownership and receive rewards for the views your work attracts going forward. If you are new to Koii and would like to learn more about how our Atomic NFTs work you can head over to or you can install our Koii Finnie wallet and try minting an Atomic NFT on Koii for free.

We hope the contest inspired all of you as it did us. Please enjoy some of our favorite works from the contest in the gallery below and remember, #Koiicares for artists!

Koii Valley

Koii Artist : baiwei Twitter: @baiweiart

This artwork is a result of a dialogue between human and machine - artist and AI. Chinese landscape painting style mountain range is based on the Arweave’s financial data from September 2020 to September 2021. Koii is symbolically brought into the scene by the Arweave spaceship. Calligraphic colophon encrypts words of Alex Morris: “Koii is redesigning the business model of the Web”.

sketch #1

Koii Artist : LevLeyz777 Twitter: @CryptoTanyah


Koii Artist : Riniifish Twitter: @riniifish

Mania is the enemy Mania is savagery Mania is the driving force Mania is life I’m trying my best to reconcile with him. I’m trying my best to live with him.

To The Moon!

Koii Artist : Flame Twitter: @bilanillya

Exclusive NFT for Koii made in 3D

Koii cyberspace fihes

Koii Artist : mklkarina Twitter: @mklkarina*

Have you ever thought about how Koii would look like in real life? Let’s look into the future…

Koii Artist : Yerol Twitter Twitter: @YuS_er49
The whole world is Koi, and the people in it are artists
Koii Artist : Fanilayskos Twitter Twitter: @JCOiI9j73tUenon

Koii Artist : zebrakv Twitter: @dmitry_samohaha
Koii Artist : samohaha32 Twitter: @YuS_er49

Koii Artist : juan camargo lopez Twitter: @jcamargolopez
From a series of suns inspired by the Tairona culture. Digital image. 2003
Koii Artist : SN Twitter: @THaanirS
This is vector illustration made out of interest which depicts how one has multiple roles, being a hero at one place and being an amateur at the other.
Koii Artist : PS Twitter: @PrayasuSidha
Koii Artist : Sergei Twitter: @SergeyS10998715

Book Lover Weeb
Koii Artist : dattaSoumil Twitter: @datta_soumil
all might jr.
Koii Artist : zebrakv Twitter: @YazkoM

La silla de Van Gogh
Koii Artist : juan camargo lopez Twitter: @jcamargolopez

Koii Artist : likeafree Twitter: @like_a_free
KOII Illuminate
Koii Artist : Freakyqq Twitter: @Freaky_Trading
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