Resilience in the Face of DDoS Attacks

Jan 27, 2024 · 3 mins read
Resilience in the Face of DDoS Attacks
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Resilience in the Face of DDoS Attacks

As Koii crossed the symbolic threshold of 5000 nodes, and announced plans to launch our token, we saw our first major attack on the network. There was a brief period of network downtime from Jan 26 22:00 to Jan 27 1:45 due to a sustained DDoS attack by an unknown attacker. The attack has been resolved, and K2, KOII Tokens, and the core network remain unscathed. 

Link to previous attacks: It’s not yet clear if the attack was linked to the discord scams last week, but this was the most coordinated assault on Koii’s systems so far, showing we’ve crossed a major threshold.

Key Points

  • No Token Compromise: Throughout the incident, Koii tokens remained secure.

  • Team Effort: The recovery and strengthening of the network was a collective effort by the Koii team, Orca team and Stakecraft.

  • K2 Blockchain Stability: K2, the Koii blockchain, experienced zero downtime during the attack.

  • Minimal Impact: Only brief downtime for node operators; overall network integrity maintained.

  • Future Preparedness: Enhanced resilience and safeguards implemented post-incident.

  • Possible Link to Previous Attacks: It’s not yet clear if the attack was linked to the discord scams last week, but this was the most coordinated assault on Koii’s systems so far, showing we’ve crossed a major threshold.

Note: Possible issues with VPS Runtimes

Many bot requests were coming from hosting company IP addresses. We’ve temporarily disabled some IP blocks, which may affect VPS instance usage. For help with these, please contact us on discord

The Full Story

In an unforeseen yet valiant battle in the digital cosmos, the Koii RPC Network faced an audacious attack. Like a scene from an interstellar saga, over 1,000,000 IP Addresses launched a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) assault. At an estimated cost to the attacker of around $10,000 USD per day, Koii’s RPC cluster received over 1 billion spam requests. But fear not, for the shields of Koii held strong!

Amidst this digital onslaught, the heroes of our tale, Ghazanfer Anwar and Abhishek Chopra of the Koii team, worked tirelessly alongside CEO Al Morris, and the vigilant crew from Stakecraft. Together, they navigated the starship through the stormy cyber space, ensuring the safety of every precious Koi token onboard.

What makes this saga truly remarkable is the resilience of the K2 blockchain. Like an unyielding fortress, it stood tall and unscathed, proving its robustness. The attackers, in their futile attempt, could only rattle the gates but never breach them. While some users reported not being able to see their balances, this was only due to the inability of their node to fetch the latest data. “K2 remained operational, a testament to the ingenious architecture of the Koii network.” - Al Morris, CEO

As the dust settles, we reflect on this incident not as a setback, but as a stepping stone to greater heights. The team’s swift action and the subsequent fortifications have made the network more resilient than ever. We’re not just back; we’re stronger, and more prepared for any future cosmic skirmishes. The Koii network now stands as a beacon of security and reliability in the blockchain universe.

A word to the wise for any would-be attackers: think twice. The Koii network is not just a cluster of nodes; it’s a formidable force. With an arsenal of enhanced defenses and a vigilant community, any future attacks will be met with a resolute and powerful response.

In this journey through uncharted digital galaxies, one thing is crystal clear: the future of Koii is bright. With a network more robust and a community more united, we are ready to explore new frontiers. To our valued users and partners, rest assured, your trust in Koii is well-placed. Onward to a future where Koii not only swims but soars through the stars! 🌟✨

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