D I S C O V E R Y series : Juan Camargo

Sep 03, 2021 · 3 mins read
D I S C O V E R Y series : Juan Camargo
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Who are you?

I am a graphic designer, media artist and entrepreneur, born in Colombia a long time ago, my time has been divided by periods of learning + creation and periods of sharing knowledge (I have been an art and design teacher for several years) I promote free culture, open source and creative commons licenses. I like to explore and manipulate information, code, multimedia, video, photography, 3D printing, and now NFT.

What makes you want to make stuff?

Learning new things, experimenting, and in the process discovering connections, people, emotions, stories, etc. When I teach I do it under the premise of learning by doing, the more I do, the more I learn and open up endless possibilities, this makes me want to do more.

What are you working on right now?

The NFT Art, I am learning as much as I can about the possibilities of the NFT as an artistic expression, also exploring the KoiiNetwork and other blockchains to try to understand the possibilities of using the NFTs. As I am just beginning my period of learning and creating NFTs, I am minted a selection of my previous work (2000-2015) on Koii.Network with the aim of keeping it forever :)

What bothers you about the NFT space?

Nothing bothers me, how always technology is neutral, those who make anything toxic are us humans, the truth in these first months that I have been in the NFT space I have met many kind, talented people, projects with great ideas, discovered communities very active and creative, if I realize that there are annoying people, but I simply run away from them and stay with those who contribute and I can contribute.

What is your hope or vision for Koii?

Koii is a great project, I’ll tell you a truth, when I started my career I was an illustrator, but I was very demotivated as publishers and clients kept my originals, they only paid me once and they used the illustrations in other projects, new editions, etc and I did not receive any royalties, in my country it is like that with all content creators. So my dream of being an illustrator was frustrated, I didn’t want to give away my work, I spent months making an illustrated book. And that’s where Koii comes in, this platform has motivated me to create new works, since it gives me the possibility of obtaining royalties for my work without having to sell my originals or sell them if I want to anyone in the world, this was something that I had dreamed of for years, and it is already here, and I know that this will open possibilities to so many people that we need projects like Koii to continue creating and be able to win with our content.

Quick! Name three other artists you like and why.

1 Nam June Paik. For his creativity and relationship with technologies.
2 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer for the interaction / participation that his works achieve with the viewer.
3 Banksy for his criticism of the system and for being anonymous like Nakamoto.

Where can we find you?

I am currently only on twitter and koii: @jcamargolopez

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