Unveiling the Future: MOTI Showcases Innovation at Koii Town Hall

MOTI joins for a Fireside Chat at this week’s Koii Town Hall #8 to provide exciting updates on the project's progress and vision for reshaping social engagement through Koii’s DePIN technology.

Feb 27, 2024 · 1 min read
Unveiling the Future: MOTI Showcases Innovation at Koii Town Hall
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Introducing MOTI: The Next Generation Social Platform
MOTI’s focus is on authenticity, meaningful interactions and real-life relations. This week COO Matthew gives an overview of MOTI’s goal to build the future social web powered by decentralization and community-driven growth. Having already showcased their ideas around digital identity and social profiles at previous Koii Town Halls, this event offered a glimpse into the business model and go-to-market strategy.

Innovating Airdrop Campaigns Through Social Data
A key use case MOTI is developing centers on enhancing airdrop campaigns - a vital community growth lever in web3. By analyzing social data beyond standard APIs, MOTI can help projects identify and reward their most impactful community members. Combined with MOTI’s branded link-in-bio profiles, this creates more meaningful social engagement while simplifying participation.

Bringing Quality Back into Community Growth
Matthew will highlight current problems & difficulties with airdrops from a protocol level. MOTI aims to shift the focus from quantity to quality of engagement, reducing sybil accounts and building an authentic user base.

Launch Roadmap
Here’s an overview of the launch roadmap:

  • Closed community launch on MOTI.BIO to build B2B partnerships around enhanced airdrops.
  • Viral go-to-market with MOTI.CARDS for peer-to-peer gifting to drive organic growth.
  • Token launch & open creation platform for social collectibles.

An Open Invitation to Partners
MOTI invited web3 projects planning airdrops to leverage their platform to reach genuine users. Similarly, IP holders and creators can access MOTI’s novel engagement approach to connect with fans.

The Future of Social Reimagined
By interweaving social connections, digital identity, and tokenized engagement, MOTI aims to unlock new possibilities for recruiting, dating, crediting and more. Ultimately rebuilding the social web on the pillars of decentralization and community.

Visit MOTI.BIO to learn more and join their waitlist Here.

Tune into the Koii Town Hall on Thursday 29th February at 3pm UTC.

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