Koii Network Partners with Adot to Build the Next-Gen of Search Engines

Revolutionizing Web Search with the Power of Koii Nodes.

Nov 16, 2023 · 1 min read
Koii Network Partners with Adot to Build the Next-Gen of Search Engines
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Koii Network, a leader in distributed computing, has forged a strategic partnership with Adot, a Web3 search engine, to redefine the landscape of search technology. This collaboration will harness Koii Network’s computational infrastructure to fuel Adot’s vision of an efficient, AI-integrated, decentralized search engine.

“We’re thrilled to integrate Adot into the Koii ecosystem,” said Al Morris, CEO of Koii Network. “Leveraging Wei’s extensive expertise from Google in search engine architecture, coupled with his insights in AI, this partnership is not just a leap forward for us, but a giant stride towards realizing the potential of a peer-to-peer web. Their advanced approach in search and AI has been a beacon, guiding our product and technical evolution.”

The partnership between Koii Network and Adot is a major step forward for both projects, enabling the Koii community to actively contribute to, and benefit from, the internet economy. Together, the two companies have developed an innovative web crawler task, positioning Koii’s nodes as a robust data foundation for the internet’s future and catapulting Adot to the forefront of search engine innovation.

About Koii Network

Koii Network stands at the forefront of distributed computing, offering diverse compute and data solutions for a range of applications. Powered by a vibrant community of node operators contributing computing resources, Koii Network aims to construct a more efficient, decentralized internet, empowering anyone with a computer to participate and reap the benefits of the ever-evolving internet economy.

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