Introducing Koii x InfStones Partnership

Mar 21, 2022 · 3 mins read
Introducing Koii x InfStones Partnership
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Like a bustling, growing city, Koii builds and implements infrastructure that will attract developers and creators to the network. InfStones is a leading staking provider for Layer 1 blockchains, and will provide an infrastructure upgrade to Koii’s staking and node development tools. In addition, working together will enable access to other network nodes and oracle services, further enhancing Koii’s cross-chain applications toolkit.

Recently, Koii announced the new K2 settlement layer, significantly boosting the network’s transaction speeds, making them nearly instantaneous at 2,000 tps. By providing accelerated communications and enhanced security to the network, K2 will play a key role in supporting Koii’s ambitions to build the backbone of the web3 attention economy.

One of the unique aspects of Koii is that it utilizes a unique mechanism called PoRT(Proofs of Real Traffic) to track, verify, and reward the attention content receives, helping high-quality content to proliferate while systematically incentivizing its creation. Once Koii’s PoRT is adapted to the new K2 settlement layer, the network will be capable of verifying up to 150 billion PoRT per day, ensuring we are ready for a full web-scale deployment on the same tier as traditional social media or ad networks, but fully decentralized.

The upcoming implementation of K2 makes the partnership with InfStones extremely timely by enhancing the security and development capabilities of Koii to match the speed increase that the K2 settlement layer brings to the network. Node operators will be able to contract with InfStones to save time deploying their infrastructure, and existing InfStones nodes for other networks will see extra monetization options by providing oracle services on Koii.

Who is InfStones?

InfStones is the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure service provider. Founded in 2018, InfStones has offices in Beijing, Silicon Valley, Dallas, and Montreal. The technical team of InfStones is composed of senior engineers and technical experts from well-known companies such as Google, Oracle, Alibaba, and Microsoft.

With a team of engineers on two continents, InfStones is dedicated to bringing down the traditional barriers to connecting with the blockchain, allowing clients to build their applications on many blockchain networks quickly. Currently, InfStones provides services to institutional clients around the globe, supporting over 10,000 nodes on more than 50 significant blockchains.

What is the Koii Network?

The Koii Network is a protocol focused on building infrastructure to enable a more open and transparent internet. The protocol can track the attention of content across the internet while leveraging a network of lightweight Koii Nodes. These nodes form the network’s core and provide fast and inexpensive ways to build, run, and deploy blockchain agnostic decentralized applications (“dApps”).

Is Koii a Blockchain?

Koii is a network layer, not a blockchain, allowing Koii to interact with multiple blockchains on behalf of the network. However, it operates similarly to a Layer 1 blockchain in the way it manages internal consensus using its stake-based approach called PoRT.

Koii has a suite of software tools and simple dApp templates (Koii-X) that make it easy for developers to build tokenized protocols and applications that can utilize Atomic NFTs, PoRT, and attention tracking.

To learn more about the tools that Koii has available to developers and creators, check out the Koii Wiki and the Koii Blog. Follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram group!

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