How YOU can help Koii

Aug 11, 2021 · 3 mins read
How YOU can help Koii
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The Koii Network is growing fast thanks to the help of our amazing community!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone that has participated and continues to engage in our community. This is a massive part of growing the network and it does not go unnoticed.

Now you might be wondering, “What can I do to help the project? What can I do to 10x this growth and get everyone and their dog talking about Koii?” There are many ways to help the community thrive and get more involved (and we always notice your hard work) . If you are looking for some ways to help out, here are a few simple suggestions that can go a long way!

  • Join our community and follow us on Twitter!

    Not in the pond? Join our community channels and become a part of the conversation - you will get a warm and friendly welcome from team members and community members alike. Head to Telegram, Discord and Twitter now!

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  • Engage with us on social media

    Sharing on social media plays a big role in driving up the success of Koii. Not only does the good word of Koii reach more people but it also helps analytics when the Koii Network is being frequently mentioned and talked about!

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  • Tell your friends about Koii

    Talking to your friends about Koii and getting them educated and interested helps the network grow - show Finnie to your friends, share your Atomic NFTs, and invite them to our community channels!

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  • Download Finnie!

    Have yet to download the Finnie Wallet? Head here to install Finnie in Chrome and start using your new browsing companion - you can create NFTs in under 1 minute, for less than $0.01 (and setup takes about 2 minutes). Our goal is to reach 10,000 users this month, help us get there now!

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  • Find bugs!

    Help out our development team and create a better browsing experience for yourself and the rest of our community! You can fill out our Bug report here.

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  • Register to run a node!

    Be a part of the network and earn KOII! Register today to run a node and join the 5000+ list of applications already signed up, you can fill out the registration form here (be sure to share with friends!)

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  • Create and share NFTs!

    A super easy (and fun!) way to help grow the network is simply by creating and sharing NFTs on - once you register your NFT our social share option makes it super easy to share with your friends and followers (plus the more people you share it with, the more attention rewards you’ll earn!)

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  • Create and share Koii content!

    Writing blogs, making videos, infographics, and other cool educational Koii content is super helpful and informative. Who knows we might even use it on our site - and if you register it to first you’ll even earn attention rewards!

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  • Apply to be a Koii Brand Ambassador!

    Want to earn KOII and help grow and engage the community? Apply to the Koii Brand Ambassador program and join an elite group of people dedicated to Koii’s cause!

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As you can see, there are many ways to help Koii grow and thrive. We really appreciate any and all efforts our community members put in to help us. Please share this article and try out some of our suggestions. Share what you do with us on Twitter for a chance to win some KOII and use the hashtag #KoiiToTheMoon!

Continue the conversation and join Koii’s official community Telegram channel, Koii’s Discord, and follow us on Twitter. 100K KOII, Enter to win!

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