Finnie Wallet - The Everyperson’s Portal to Decentralization

Apr 25, 2022 · 6 mins read
Finnie Wallet - The Everyperson’s Portal to Decentralization
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What is Finnie?

A Fish? A Companion? A Super Wallet that transacts with multiple cryptocurrencies while helping you create and manage decentralized media? Don’t let the cute name fool you. Finnie is all of those things and more. Whether or not you’re new to Koii, let us explain how the Finnie Wallet opens a portal to the decentralized web.

The Finnie wallet is the official companion wallet of the Koii Network and a browser extension that allows you to hold and transact using KOII, AR, and ETH, in addition to any Ethereum and Arweave sub-tokens (integration with additional blockchains is in the works). In addition to on-chain transactions and holding crypto, Finnie also enables users to mint and manage multiple NFTs, NFT collections, cryptographic keys, and even their unique decentralized identity (DID).

Other crypto wallets provide these services, so what makes Finnie stand out? Simply put, it’s the combination of services that Finnie provides and that it’s being designed to interact with any L1 blockchain. But that’s not all that makes Finnie unique.

Who is Finnie For?


Within minutes, someone who has never used or held crypto before can interact with a blockchain, hold crypto, mint an NFT and own a little piece of the decentralized web.

Finnie is representative of where we are in the progression of decentralized infrastructure. Crypto is effectively moving past the concept stage of Web3 and enabling people who are new to the space to interact and experience firsthand the advantages that decentralized networks bring.

To illustrate, where we are now is comparable to the early 2000s, when internet users could sign up for personal web-based email accounts. For many, a personalized email was the first step to moving beyond simply viewing content online and interacting with the web. A personalized web email made it possible to send messages and photos instantly while also accessing them from multiple computers. While this is something we take for granted today, it was a technological evolution that fundamentally changed the way we communicate.

The spark that ignited this evolution was the newfound ability to interact with the system.

There is a similar excitement around blockchain and crypto-based technologies. However, interacting with this technology is not yet a part of people’s everyday lives. Until recently, intuitive products and tools that could help people make use of Web3 didn’t exist. With Finnie, the goal has been to create something that would be easy to use and, more importantly, that people would want to use. It had to be more than just a decentralized version of a Web2 service. It had to be something that people could easily interact with to enable them to do things they could never do before.

What can you do With Finnie?

We’re not totally sure.

Let us rephrase that. We are not aware of everything that can be done with this technology.

Think of Finnie as a portal that allows anyone to interact with decentralized networks. It enables developers to envision building applications that can take advantage of multiple blockchains. Currently, Finnie allows you to hold and transfer cryptocurrencies/tokens, mint NFTs, NFT collections, manage cryptographic keys and maintain a decentralized personal profile or DID.

Let’s take a moment and envision a new user’s experience when using the Finnie Wallet.

Finnie Wallet User Profile: Max the Photographer

Max is interested in cryptocurrency and wants to experience what Web3 is all about. Max realizes that for this technology to have a bright future, it needs to be easy to use and provide people with real utility. Max’s friend Chloe tells him about Koii Network and how it provides new users with free KOII tokens to get started. Max downloads and installs Finnie and receives some KOII to interact with the network.

Now the fun starts.

Max is a photographer and has never minted an NFT before. He likes the idea of using decentralized storage like Arweave to preserve his photos forever and be completely decentralized. He mints one of his early pieces and shares it on his socials. Every time someone checks out his NFT, he earns some extra KOII through attention rewards. Encouraged, Max decides to preserve more of his work as NFTs and earn passive income from the attention it generates. Next, Max chooses to create a Decentralized ID (DID) with his Finnie Wallet. This DID links to the gallery of his minted NFTs and acts as a decentralized profile page that can be fully customized. He adds links to his socials and his auction site so that people can learn more about his photography, and even buy his work.

Are Your NFTs Locked on the Koii Network?

Let us imagine that Max’s work becomes very popular, and he decides he would like to move a few pieces to Ethereum or another blockchain to sell his work there as NFTs. No problem. With Max’s keys stored in Finnie, he can interact with and move his works across blockchains —allowing him access to a broader market and to interact with applications built on other L1s. One of the goals of Koii Network is to provide the necessary infrastructure to make these kinds of cross-chain transactions easy for users and developers building with Koii.

What to Expect Next From Finnie?

Although the Finnie wallet is in beta, our developers are constantly looking for ways to add utility and improve your experience. Some of the recent updates to Finnie have been a new look to the interface, NFT batch uploads, and customized DIDs. In addition, little things like reorganized pages within the app that make it easier to interact with each section or adding the ability to create NFTs directly from your gallery have been added.

In recent months we have been working on several new partnerships that will bring additional cross-chain integrations to Finnie and make it even easier to interact with multiple blockchains. One of the earliest such integrations made to Finnie was the ability to hold and send Ethereum. We are happy to report that full Ethereum functionality similar to what you would see in a wallet like Metamask is being tested for beta release.

You can expect this list to grow as Finnie’s abilities expand. Updates that enhance single sign-on and Content Collectives are also on the horizon.

Finnie Decentralization Portal

Will You Step Through the Portal?

Without a doubt, Finnie is much more than just another crypto wallet. It embodies the definition of a crypto super wallet by providing people with much more than just the ability to store or transact with tokens. It opens a portal for anyone to be able to interact with the decentralized web. If you’re not sure if Finnie is the right fit for you, take a look at a list of some of the things you can do with the most recent version:

  • Import wallets with an Arweave or Ethereum Key
  • Drag & Drop NFT creation
  • Bridge your Atomic NFTs to Ethereum, Opensea, and more to come
  • Monitor wallet activity, NFTs, and token balances
  • Register any digital asset to start earning Attention Rewards in $KOII
  • Launch custom galleries for your content
  • Design your own DID profile page and hotlink
  • Simplified and secure cross-chain login
  • Developer integrations and much more

Step through the portal and install Finnie Today.

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