Content Collectives

The new standard for media-driven, community-owned DAOs

By: kaylakroot, al_koii, art_icu_late, ColinZarzour, May 19, 2022 · 2 mins read
Content Collectives
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Publishing technologies have long been the choke point of many creative industries. With new internet technologies, we can now create communities centered around media where creators are appropriately rewarded for their efforts. This paper introduces Content Collectives, a new type of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for creator communities.

In contrast to traditional platforms where value primarily accrues to a private network that hosts the content, Collectives are owned and governed by their contributing members, ensuring that contributors are equitably rewarded for their work.

Collectives present a solution for maintaining a public commons in an Internet that is quickly becoming dominated by content aggregation companies instead of the creators that make them possible. In this paper, we address some of the technical and social challenges and offer insights to create more equitable decentralized communities.


Artists and creators have been working together in communities for a long time. Rhodian sculpture workshops are one early example—groups of often unrelated sculptors producing work together in Greece, dating back to 340 BCE. Similar groups have thrived in science and invention. The term “thought collective,” coined in 1935 by physician Ludwig Fleck, described a community of researchers working together to push the bounds of existing knowledge through a shared framework of customs and study.

Content Collectives are the next step in the evolution of personal ownership within a community aspiring to a united goal.

A Content Collective is a type of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Collective is a decentralized group of creators and the media they produce, controlled by a DAO Governance Protocol. Owned and governed by its contributing members, the Collective ensures that contributors are equitably rewarded for their work. The Collective commissions, creates, and/or curates content, then uses that content to earn tokens (KOII for attention, revenue from ads, etc). Depending on the rules of the particular DAO protocol, ownership and revenue are distributed to members of the Content Collective…

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