Build the Decentralized App of Your Dreams With Koii-X

Jan 31, 2022 · 3 mins read
Build the Decentralized App of Your Dreams With Koii-X
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Koii Network has the technology to help BUIDLrs fix what’s wrong with the internet. Whether you’re a Layer 1 blockchain developer or just about to build your first dApp, we have tools, templates, and a $1M grant program to make your decentralized app dreams a reality.

For those new to Koii, the network is designed to streamline building cross-chain applications, with a focus on usability and transparency. There are too many people competing to be the only blockchain, and we are here to help you use multiple chains to build better applications.

We are building the tools to make it easier to deploy applications that are transparent, fair, and pay you directly in KOII for the attention your content or app receives. KOII tokens are mined by creating quality content that accumulates views and interactions, which we track through verifiable Proofs of Real Traffic (PoRT)

Developers who implement our simple-to-run Javascript-based SDK in their projects will be able to take advantage of Koii’s unique technology stack, including:


We created the Koii-X UI template library to help new developers get a jump start on building their first dApp. Built 100% in JavaScript, Koii-X allows you to build and deploy a wide variety of content-based dApps quickly and easily.

These templates are optimized to work with NFTs and make it easy to earn KOII simply through the attention your content receives. Let’s take a closer look at an example.

Develop and Deploy a Decentralized Crowdfunding Portal

For this example, we will use a Koii-X template for deploying a crypto crowdfunding portal. We want to highlight this example for two reasons:

  • Launching a crowdfunding portal with Koii-X is so easy, even someone with limited development experience can do it.
  • A crowdfunding portal is a smart choice for your first dApp because it’s a great way to generate funding for your project.

In less than 10 minutes, you can be up and running a crowdfunding portal for your project with Koii-X:

  1. Make sure you have the following repositories and prerequisites available (Node v16.XX, Yarn, Arweave-deploy, Arkb, Arweave wallet.json)
  2. Use npx create-koii-app to setup the initial KOII.X project template
  3. Customize your config.ts file
  4. Deploy to Arweave using Yarn build and Yarn deploy
  5. Open deployed application by going to”TXID” (TXID of your app deployment TX)

For a more detailed guide, check out our step-by-step tutorial.

Our Goal

You can customize these templates endlessly for your needs. But with a few simple commands, Koii-X templates open up a world of opportunities while saving time for experienced developers. Keep an eye out for more tutorials as we expand the template libraries.

We want to build a decentralized Internet and we’re going to need a lot of decentralized websites to accomplish that. Our mission at Koii is to make dApps not only easy to build, but easy to monetize as well—so easy that they become the default choice for developers.

We have only just scratched the surface of what’s possible with Koii. Make sure you check out the Koii docs portal for more documentation, and feel free to reach out to us at with any questions and don’t forget to sign up for our ETH Denver Workshop for a live demonstration.

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