2023: Our Biggest Year Yet

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Dec 31, 2023 · 4 mins read
2023: Our Biggest Year Yet
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As 2023 comes to a close, we wanted to share some things we’re really proud of this year.

Between the Bitcoin halving and ETF listing, 2024 will be a big year for hodlers and web3 - we’re here to help you make it even greater.

Enjoy the read, and good luck in the new year.

2023 Recap:

  • K2 Blockchain Launch: Our new K2 blockchain improved communication between Koii nodes.

  • Compute Marketplace: Soft-launched in August, over 1,800 community members are now earning passive income through our desktop app .

Looking Ahead to 2024:

  • Ecosystem Applications: Launching the first cohort of ecosystem apps to offer you more opportunities.

Other Exciting Developments (read more below)

  1. Token Launch: Exciting News!
  2. Diverse Rewards: Altcoins, DePIN, AI Tokens
  3. Koii Tasks: Growing Fast
  4. Network Update: Over 1800 Nodes Live
  5. Mobile Nodes: Coming Soon
  6. Featured Task: Truflation
  7. Community Spotlight: Arcane Fools
  8. A Note from Our Founder

🌟 Token Launch: Nearing Lift-Off!
Exciting news from Koii Network! We’re in advanced discussions with three top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges for our token launch. This strategic move, planned around the Bitcoin halving, promises to elevate our presence in the crypto world. More details coming soon!

💰 Diversifying Rewards: Altcoins, DePIN, AI Tokens and More
We’re enhancing your earning potential by integrating USDC and other tokens into our reward system. Soon, you’ll be able to earn various rewards directly from your PC, making the Koii Network more rewarding and accessible.

📈 Koii Tasks: Adoption Skyrocketing
Koii Tasks is experiencing a surge in adoption, now powering diverse applications from inflation tracking to peer-to-peer storage and streaming. This versatility showcases the practical utility of Koii Tasks in the real world. Install the node. to see the latest tasks and start earning passive income.

🌊 ORCA Launch - Docker Container Support and Compute DAOs
With the long-awaited launch of Chaindeck’s ORCA. Koii is now prepared to offer full-compatibility with existing web2 hosting options.
What’s docker? Docker containers also open a new frontier for Koii Tasks via Compute DAOs, where you can run one task from a verified provider, and then automatically join pre-verified secure sub-tasks without re-staking.
Why does it matter? This massive leap forward will make life on Koii much easier for developers and node operators alike.

🌍 The Network Is Live!
We’ve hit a significant milestone with our network now live, boasting over 1800 nodes! This growth is a testament to our robust and reliable platform. A big thank you to our community for making this possible. Tokens you earn now will be converted 1:1 on mainnet launch, don’t miss this opportunity!

📱 Mobile Nodes: The Next Frontier
Get ready for mobile nodes! This new development will allow you to run background jobs on Android devices, unlocking new passive income streams. Earning rewards will soon be as easy as using your smartphone! Mobile launch is expected for early 2024, so start stockpiling your tokens now and hit the ground running.

🔍 Featured Task: Truflation

  • What It Is: You can earn passive income by helping monitor inflation around the world.
  • How It Works: When you run the Truflation task, your node will fetch a variety of websites such as car rentals, hotels, and other pricing, and then store this data on Koii’s decentralized cloud. You’ll get rewarded every time your computer does work. Just press play before you go to bed at night , and your computer will start earning passive income while you sleep.
  • The Impact: Governments, financial advisors, and businesses need precise inflation monitoring data to make decisions, and your Koii node can help gather information and verify it’s authenticity.
  • What’s Next: As a key partner in the Trudata program, we’re excited about the future projects with Truflation.

Arcane Fools Join the Koii Community
The “Fools”, led by David Tann, are a think tank and collaborative community that explores emancipation through technology.

Read their first article here.

A word from our founder

In the last couple of years, we’ve begun to set the foundation for a new internet. One where content lives on our devices, and peer-to-peer services provide community wealth instead of corporate profits.

Our mission has always been to provide the maximum rewards for every member of our community, from attention mining to the compute marketplace. With the introduction of K2, it’s now possible to expand the options to include a wide range of stablecoins and altcoins, especially for DePIN projects.

In January, we hope you’ll join us in unlocking new value with data marketplaces, social networks, and distributed AI.

It all starts with installing the node on your computer.

Al Morris,
CEO, Koii Labs

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