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2020 Economy- Online or Bust

Jun 01, 2020 · 1 min read
2020 Economy- Online or Bust
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In the past year, it's become abundantly apparent that to not be online is to be unknown.

As more and more businesses move online, their processes must adapt to suit. In many cases, this has produced undue costs on the businesses we count on every day, but are there benefits?

One major productive boost from increasing online activity is in any sector that tracks human activity. With everyone spending more and more time online, our data is now more and more accurate. It shouldn’t be just a tool for the Google and Facebook caste, so we’re working on making it easy for anyone to make use of online intelligence.

Our Thesis

With better access to the tools of web3, individuals within our society will learn to better position themselves, and take advantage of new opportunities with greater ease and sophistication. Tools like Salesforce and Shopify have revolutionized business processes, and make it possible for anyone to quickly scale traditional business models faster than ever before.

Why Web Scraping

GoldFish, at it’s core, is a web scraper. You tell us the URL you want to view, and we set up a process to check that page and extract structured data to meet your specifications. This process of creating structure from noise is why we exist, and our current tools are just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish.

Your automation hub

The GoldFish tools make it easy for anyone to create their information pipeline, and begin automating. To get started, visit a site that you want to scrape in your web browser, and copy the URL. Then, you can set up automatic scraping in just 4 steps:

Copy the URL and paste it into

Add labels to keep organized

Configure Delivery Preferences

Configure how you want your data delivered. We currently support SMS, Email, Webhooks, IFTTT, or a Public URL just for your info.

Kick back and let your scraper do the work

Read your headlines in bed.

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