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The Koii Ecosystem

Apr 06, 2021 · 4 mins read
The Koii Ecosystem
Share this is a decentralized web application (DApp) powered by Koii , a protocol for information retrieval and publishing on the new web. exhibits technologies made possible by the Koii Protocol .

The era of NFTs is upon us. takes advantage of key Koii Protocol capabilities in order to provide novel functionalities for content creators in a web 3.0 environment.

Atomic NFTs & Permanent Storage

Thanks to the Arweave permaweb, makes use of permanent storage in order to facilitate the creation of Atomic NFTs— an NFT where the asset and its content exist within the same on-chain location. Minting or transferring digital creations to ensures that the NFT is a complete asset. This means that NFTs hosted on are not subject to the fragility inherent to prevailing platforms (marketplaces). The metadata associated with any NFT is not at risk of getting disconnected from the ownership contract on the blockchain. This innovation creates a concrete solution for hosting and storing NFTs.

Data and content published from and archived to the Koii protocol are always permanent and immutable. is the application within the Koii ecosystem that demonstrates these qualities. Web 3.0 applications must take advantage of permanent storage to solve predominant issues in the current web 2.0 internet. NFTs purport true ownership of creations in a way that allows owners to capture more value from their work. helps solve issues in hosting these creations so that the qualities which make NFTs valuable remain true over time.

Attention Rewards

Attention rewards are based on how much traffic (“attention”) any image or data receives, as measured by the Koii protocol’s gateway tracking function. By monitoring the amount of traffic moving into host gateways, displays the real time amount of “attention” given to any digital creation displayed on the site. By displaying the amount of attention given to the creations on the network, creates a leaderboard that contextualizes the success of projects based on how often they are viewed. This is a stark contrast to the commoditization of creation based on active bidding prices.

Beyond the leaderboard, helps cultivate attention by monetizing each NFT through the Koii protocol’s daily mint of 1,000 KOII tokens. The application is an early example of token distribution to content creators within the Koii ecosystem. The Koii protocol rewards anything archived to the Koii network with a proportion of KOII equivalent to the amount of attention it received in a 24 hour period. is the first service to make use of the attention reward distribution.

Allowing NFT creators to earn on the amount of attention given to their projects further cements the asset qualities of hosted NFTs. Attention rewards via KOII are a new income stream on top of infinite and customizable transaction emissions made possible by ERC-721.

This experiment furthers the value capture innovations within the new web. Imagine your favorite artist receiving revenue every time you viewed his or her work within a free gallery.

Kevin Abosch

Head to now to claim your Kevin Abosch orginals!

To see Kevin’s offical website, click here.

Proofs of Real Traffic is the first Koii ecosystem application which makes use of PoRT, or Proofs of Real Traffic. Proofs of Real Traffic ensure that gateway tracking and subsequent attention tracking enabled by the Koii protocol are not taken advantage of by bad actors. NFTs hosted on are given “attention” when clicked. Gateway tracking via traffic log verification allows for the correct recording of attention given to hosted content. PoRT ensures that this system is not disrupted through spamming the network, or collusion of protocol participants in pursuit of disproportionate rewards. The intention is to gauge real traffic flowing into the gateways based on genuine interest in information hosted via the Koii protocol. leverages PoRT to maintain the integrity of attention rewards and leaderboard standing. In order to reflect actual public interest in these NFTs, the PoRT generates a hash which represents important metadata associated with any IP address that accesses a gateway. The generated hash forces network participants to expend work that is more expensive to falsify than the attention reward would be worth. This disincentivizes subversive entities from gaming the system.

Proof of Real Traffic


Early implementation of the Koii protocol has generated open-source tools which help to build a more trustworthy store of human knowledge. is the first public deployment of various technologies made available through this process. takes advantage of the Permaweb, Attention Rewards, and Proofs of Real Traffic, in order to incentivize the creation of Atomic NFTs and the use of the Koii protocol by digital creators. It establishes an experiment in the monetization of NFTs with new income streams provided by attention rewards, and secures the integrity of the system with PoRT.

Try today, and get involved with our community to stay up to date on the latest developments and progress. Consider running a node here. We are hiring!

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